Corporate Photography

Photography is above all an artistic practice (see my personal projects) for me, however I had different professional opportunities.

Recently, I worked as a photographer for a year and a half at Brame & Lorenceau, a Parisian art gallery. They have a worldwide recognition in the expertise of 19th / early 20th century artists such as Sisley, Degas, Delacroix, Caillebotte, Calder, Rodin. I was led to make studio photography of paintings and sculptures. My role was to highlight each masterpiece, to bring out all their original strength. For that I gained experience in the fields of colorimetry, image editing, and printing techniques. I also had the opportunity to set up the exhibitions and take pictures of the stands, as well as to cover various events at the gallery such as openings.

In 2015, I had the chance to be able to train photography many amateurs wishing to learn, understand the mechanisms and laws of photography, or to improve, both in digital and in film. Between photo shoot, advices, exchanges, I also gave post-processing courses, using photoshop or lightroom.

Photography / post-processing / editing / pedagogy








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